Training Hard, Training Heavy

This has been an intense two months of training and though the World Championships in Kazakhstan are approaching, I am focused on staying healthy and getting stronger.

Training Hard…

As my training has intensified, I have had to battle certain aches and pains that come with being a career athlete. But, by focusing on proper recovery, rehab (or prehab as Ryan likes to call it), and nutrition, I am able to keep everything in check and manageable.

Training Heavy…

We have been putting greater focus on technique and training lighter on my lifts during the week, and hitting bigger, confidence building numbers during my weekend training sessions with Charles. I do have to say that it is working and I am indeed feeling very confident in my technique and in my strength.

New Events:

My former team will be hosting a fundraiser meet on Saturday, 27 September at Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, FL to help fund my upcoming trip to Kazakhstan. I am honored and humbled by their generosity and support. Here is a link for more information if you are interested in participating or just coming out to watch and support some local athletes.

With gratitude,
مع الشكر
– Hala