Top 10 Finish at the 2017 World Championship

With the 2017 World Championship concluding on December 5th, Hala’s final position within her class is 10th place out of 24 athletes!

She made 5 of her 6 attempts, finishing 9th in the snatch with 91 kilos, and 11th in the clean and jerk with 113 kilos for 10th overall. Her total of 204 represents a 2kg improvement over her next highest competition best.

Her placement also earned 48 team points, placing Lebanon above 9 other countries. 44 countries competed at the championship.

Results book:


Snatch: 86 / 89 / 91
Clean & Jerk: 106 / 113 / 117

Lots of photos available for free at LiftingLife: Snatch and Clean & Jerk