Marhaba and Hello from Kazakhstan!

World’s is here and it still seems like a dream. Even after we sent in the entry forms, bought our plane tickets, and the start list was released, it still didn’t feel totally real to me.

Well, it is real and it’s happening now. Upon landing in Kazakhstan we saw a big sign welcoming athletes to the 2014 IWF World Championships on the runway. As soon as we got off the plane, we were greeted by volunteers for the event who helped us make it through customs super quick and easy and got us on a bus to go check in at the hotel.

On the bus we met two members from Egypt’s team, Ahmed and Mohamed, who are the first athletes we’ve met. It’s a great feeling to be in the country not even 30 minutes and to have already made two new friends.

CAM00623After checking in and taking care of the entry fees, we got to our hotel, showered, ate breakfast, and napped through lunch. This was all much needed after our full day of travel.

We spent the remainder of the day getting sorted out in our hotel room and took some time to visit the training hall. The training hall is amazing and big! There are 60 platforms, all with brand new Eleiko equipment, in an ice rink, and minus the ice.



I have five more training sessions left until the big day. Competition begins on the 8th, and I am scheduled to compete the 12th of November at 10 o’clock in the morning.

My greatest feeling right now is thankfulness to everyone who has helped make this possible and for the ongoing support and messages from family and friends both in Lebanon and the US.

With gratitude,
مع الشكر
– Hala