2014 Volusia American Open Qualifier Results

I competed this weekend in what was a mock meet for myself and it was a success, to say the least. I got multiple PRs and raised some money to help fund our trip to the World Championships.


On Snatch: I tied my personal meet record on my first attempt, missed my second attempt at 83, and then came back and made it on my third for a three kilogram meet PR.

On Clean and Jerk: I was successful in my first and second attempts, then missed 107 for my third. This would have been an all time personal record as well as unofficially have broken the Florida state record, which I currently hold. I knew this was a weight that I could do, so I went back to the warm up area and put it on the bar plus 0.7 kg (because I had to mix pounds and kilos) and made it on an unofficial fourth attempt.

I am always a little nervous competing, but it is experience like this that makes the butterflies dissipate and I finished out my day with a new personal record total of 190.

Videos of all attempts will be up soon!

With gratitude,
مع الشكر
– Hala